Let’s talk about wood fences for Sarasota, Florida and everything you need to know when exploring the options available to you for your property. There are several aspects to consider among all of the features and benefits before making a final decision about the right fencing material for you. 


Wood fencing is the most often installed fence material across the Sarasota, Florida region. Even so, it may or may not be the best choice for your circumstances. For some of the simple and best facts about wood fencing, continue reading!

Sarasota, FL Wood Fences and Climate Effects


Wood fences, unlike other forms of fencing, are prone to warping and rotting, and over time will ultimately collapse and need to be rebuilt. Still, wood fences stand up to the sometimes harsh weather Sarasota, Florida can sustain. With just a little maintenance on your part, your wood fence will look great in your Sarasota area neighborhood and remain in good condition for a long time.  


Price can sometimes make the difference between which type of fence you choose, and understandably so! When you factor in the lower cost of most wood fences as compared to other fencing materials like aluminum fence and vinyl fence, wood fences tend to be a good choice for most Sarasota area homeowners.

The Strength of Wood Fences in Florida

Wood is a strong material to construct a fence with, though to know for sure, check for these factors: 


  1. Properly Installed Wood Fence Posts
    Your Sarasota fence’s strength is determined by the quality of the posts. If your posts are weak, your fence will also be. Regardless of the type of fence you settle on, it is critical to hire a highly-rated fence company in Florida like H&Y Fence! We have the experience and expertise you need from over 50 years of fence contracting and understanding customer needs.
  2. Wood Fence Material That’s High Quality
    More low-cost fence contractors, as well as big box merchants like Lowes and Home Depot, offer lower-quality wood that is less dense or has a lot of flaws. Fences built of this poor-quality wood will not withstand the Florida conditions nearly as well as fences made of stronger wood, and will deteriorate more rapidly, costing major repairs or a complete replacement. The quality of the wood for your fence can make a big difference!

  3. Fence Boards Secured with Correct Hardware
    Pickets and rails must be securely connected to the fence using exterior-grade hardware. Discount fence contractors in Sarasota, FL can save a few bucks by installing cheaper fasteners, but the fence loses strength and long-term integrity as a result, causing the need for more costly repairs over time.

So, how strong are wood fences? We have to say, it depends! We can assure you that the quality of the material and work we do at H&Y Fence will measure up to the strongest wood fences in the Sarasota, Florida area. If the installing contractor isn’t us, there’s no telling what you’ll get!

Top Styles of Wood Fences at Florida Properties

The versatility of fence artisans to create and customize wood fences into almost any shape and style is what makes them so attractive. In Sarasota and the surrounding areas, the following are the most popular designs of wood fencing:


Wood Picket Fence Sarasota, Florida
Wood Picket Fences

Wood Picket Fences

Classic wood picket fences are always a go-to in the Sarasota, Florida area. Most often used for front yards and gardens, this style of fence can be painted or stained any color to match your decor and can even be used in backyards or around pools. NOTE: Whenever considering wood picket fences for pool areas, speak to one of our fence experts first to determine the pool guidelines required for your specific neighborhood.


Horizontal Wood Fence Sarasota, Florida
Horizontal Wood Fences


Horizontal Wood Fences

Horizontal wood fencing is made by stacking wood fence boards on top of each other across each panel and is usually completely enclosed, though spacing can be added between for an open design. This look is great for modern style homes and buildings all across Florida and gives a simple, yet classy look. 


Shadowbox Wood Fence Sarasota, Florida
Shadowbox Wood Fences

Shadowbox Wood Fences

The beauty of shadowbox wood fences in Florida is its ability to look just as great on either side of the fence and create a privacy wall around the area you enclose. Also able to be stained or painted in any color you can imagine, shadowbox wood fences are a twist on a classic that can hardly be outdone.


Traditional Privacy Wood Fences
Privacy Wood Fences

Traditional Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fences

Stockade wood fences, or traditional privacy wood fences in Sarasota, FL, are fully private fences that can surround any backyard or extended area and can be built anywhere from 6’- 8’ high in most areas. Typically, this style is built with tall pickets lined up side by side with three standard rails bracing the interior wall of the fence across each panel. 


Dig Deeper Into Wood Fences Details for Sarasota, FL 

See for yourself by visiting our wood fence page on our website for additional information and photographs of wood fences we’ve constructed in Sarasota, FL and the surrounding communities.

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