Of all the fences in the Sarasota, Florida area, chain link fences make an economical and strong boundary. Property owners across the region trust the durability and practicality you get from this type of fence for a number of great reasons. We’ve compiled a list here of the basics you need to know if you’re looking into a chain link fence for your space.

Picture This: A New Chain Link Fence for Your Sarasota Property

What comes to mind when you think of chain link fencing? If the image you see in your mind is of an old, beat-up, rusted metal fence, you have the wrong idea about chain link fencing. As the years have gone by, manufacturers have improved their formulas and processes and chain link fencing has come a long way all this time! With the benefit of improved materials and better installation methods, chain link fencing can look fresh and attractive and secure just what you need it to without breaking the bank.

Security from Chain Link Fences

Photo of an 8 foot black galvanized chain link fence The galvanized steel of chain link fencing is an incredibly tough material that can be made in different grade levels. It is one of the most secure fence solutions you can choose from a Sarasota FL fence contractor. It’s not just for commercial properties! Many residential homes are enhanced by the boundary chain link fencing produces. When safety is a top priority for installing a new fence, make sure you look at the options in chain link fencing and how it compares to the others.

Privacy Features of Chain Link Fences

Photo of white privacy slat chain link fence Though it may not add full privacy to your space, by adding colored slats between the chain link material, you can create a much less visible yard area at your Sarasota, FL property. Ideal for backyards, pool yards, business material yards, and more, it is a very adaptable option. Not only that, but adding privacy slats that come in a variety of colors can also change the entire look of your new fence.

Understanding Chain Link Fence Options for Florida Properties

Some of the most common alternatives for customizing your chain link fence to match your specific property needs are shown below. Depending on the current availability, some colors and options may not be a choice, so always ask when you speak to our fence experts to find out what your options are.


Photo of a 4 foot galvanized steel chain link fence and gate

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

The typical chain link fence in Florida is the traditional type of galvanized chain link fence. Being the most affordable of all the options, you’ll find this style installed at homes and businesses all around the Sarasota region. Special features include low maintenance, rust resistance, and the strength that lasts decades. You can’t go wrong with this practical option when you need to enclose your space.


Photo of a black 4 foot galvanized chain link fence

PVC and Polymer Coated Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing from a Sarasota FL fence contractor also has the option of coming in rubberized, color coated versions. Still sporting the galvanized steel underneath, the added layer protects the fence, giving it a longer life while also eliminating the metal color and helping to blend into your space. Usually, black and green are the most popular colors.



Photo of green privacy slat chain link fence

Slatted Chain Link Fences

If you’d like your space to be more private from outside viewing, opt to add colored slats to your chain link fence. Sarasota FL fence contractors often provide these at an additional cost for labor and material since it adds a lot more time and energy to the project, though it still is more economical than many other fence types. Many individuals like the aesthetic charm of slatted chain link fences. Because they are composed of durable materials and come in different colors, these slats create a whole new level of customization for chain link fence options.


Find Out More about Chain Link Fences for the Sarasota Area

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about the basics of chain link fences, visit our Chain Link Fence page on our website for more information and more photos of chain link fences we have installed in and around the Sarasota, Florida area.

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