Frequently Asked Questions

We get great questions from our customers. Considering you may also be wondering about them, we thought we would share a few with you.


H&Y Fence is your trusted Sarasota fence contractor and has been serving customers in the area for over 50 years. For 11 years straight, we've been named The Best of Sarasota under the category of Sarasota Fence Contractors and Builders. With our extensive experience and professional staff, you can trust that H&Y Fence Fence offers the best in modern fencing products and services to meet your home or business needs.

Yes! H&Y Fence is licensed and insured across every area we work in across Sarasota County, Manatee County and Charlotte County. You can be sure with our professional workmanship and expert staff we take pride in our work and take care to do every job under the safest and best guidelines possible.

All of our Sarasota and the surrounding area installations have a 1 year labor warranty. The vinyl, wood posts, and aluminum have manufacturer warranties. You can find the details on each at the brochures under each different fence material page.

Easy! Just give us a call. We'll put you on the schedule and get you a full estimate for your Sarasota fencing job as soon as possible.

You can also use our INSTANT FENCE PRICING ESTIMATOR to get an online quote. Simply enter the details of your property information.


Aluminum fences are a great choice for Florida properties, thanks to its durability, pleasing look and maintenance-free features. It can also stand up to the harsh weather conditions that Florida can sometimes dish out.

We have many different styles of aluminum fencing available for your Sarasota property. Too many to list in a short paragraph!

Check out the brochures under each category in our Styles and Options section above for full details on color options, styles, features and warranty info.

It depends! Every town across Florida has different regulations, so it is fully dependent on the exact location of your property.

If you aren't sure about your area, let us help! Reach out to our fence experts at H&Y Fence to help you look into what you need to know before you begin your aluminum fence project. We will help you follow all proper procedures and assist in securing any needed permits.

Our aluminum fences come in more economical, lighter grades up to a premium grade aluminum. Just ask our fence professionals to help you determine what grade aluminum fencing will work best for your Sarasota area property.

We have a variety of aluminum fencing manufacturers who all produce high-quality fencing materials made in the United States and available to our Sarasota, Florida area.

Antebellum Manufacturing is a family owned and locally operated company that produces aluminum fencing, gate and rails for many of our customers across Florida.

iDeal Aluminum is another locally operated manufacturer who builds fencing and gates domestically and has a full product line of options for your fencing needs.

Independence Aluminum Fencing by Master Halco is our third manufacturer line. They create their line of products in three grade levels to match whichever level of durability your property requires.

View our aluminum fence manufacturer's warranties below.

Antebellum Manufacturing offers a lifetime warranty on all their aluminum fences.

iDeal Aluminum offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their aluminum fences.

Independence Aluminum Fencing by Master Halco offers a transferable limited lifetime warranty.


Due to their resilience and low maintenance requirements, chain link fences are an excellent choice for Florida properties. Chain link fencing is simple to install, suitable for both commercial and residential locations, and capable of withstanding practically any situation. Chain link fencing can be constructed in a lot of Florida properties in a variety of applications, with some options that are more open and others that are more private.

Every town and municipality in Florida is different. In order to know if you need a permit for your specific Sarasota area property, give our friendly staff a call and we can help you determine exactly what is required before you get started on your new fence installation project.

Chain link fencing is maintenance free! No need to treat it or clean it, except maybe hosing it down once a year if it starts to build up a little dirt. The galvanized zinc coating helps protect the steel from rust and corrosion and when you buy a PVC coated steel fence, that adds another layer of protection, giving you a fence that will stand on its own for many years to come.

Our chain link fences are available in high quality metallic-coated and a multitude of colors and are manufactured by Master Halco. They offer everything from residential properties to larger areas, like a baseball field or race track. Many chain link gate options are available to accompany your fencing.

Master Halco offers warranties on all chain link fence types, giving you peace of mind that your fence will withstand the test of time.

We also provide a workmanship warranty on all of our installations, as we take pride in our work and strive to please our customers on every job.


On every gate we install in Florida, we make sure there are aluminum frames on the back. We weld each gate to the proper specifications to ensure that you will have the strongest, longest-lasting fence gate possible, tailored to your exact size and preferences.

We set our gate fence posts at the same depth as the rest of our fence posts all the way around. They are buried to a certain depth depending on the height of the gate itself. The shortest depth we will set a post is 4' deep into the ground.

Each manufacturer has a warranty on their gates. We also offer workmanship warranties on all of our installations. Be sure to check out the brochure of the manufacturer you're ordering from to read the details of each warranty agreement.

It's easy! Use our INSTANT FENCE PRICING ESTIMATOR to get an online quote. Simply enter the details of your property information.

If you would rather speak with one of our experienced fence professionals, give us a call anytime so we can add you to our schedule and get you a full estimate for your Sarasota fencing job.

Yes, we do. We can install residential and commercial swing and slide gate operators for your property in the Sarasota, Florida area. Check out our manufacturers websites for more details about available systems, or give us a call and we can answer your questions.

For all of the fence gates we install in Florida, we use gate products from Antebellum Manufacturing and Independence Aluminum Fencing, as well as selections from iDeal Aluminum Products. For information about our gate operators, we work with products from Viking Access Systems and Liftmaster. With such a variety of options, we're confident you can find exactly what you need to protect your home and business just the way you've imagined.


Wood fences certainly are a favorite choice of many Florida residents and business owners all across the state. The price point can hardly be beat and the natural look fits into almost any scenario. Versatility of style and customizability makes wood fencing a prime option no matter why you're looking for a fence.

Wood fencing in Florida is one of the best priced fencing materials available. All fencing prices can fluctuate, and it depends on the type of wood, size and style to know exactly what the price will be. One downside to wood fencing is it's propensity to warp or rot over time, sooner than most other materials. This should be factored into the overall cost as repairs and maintenance adds up as well.

Wood fencing can certainly be used for pools around Sarasota, Florida, however, it may be more likely than other materials to rot or warp near all of the water and moisture a pool area will expose it to. Proper stain and sealant redone every couple of years can help to keep a wood fence lasting longer and can help when it is the type of fencing you would like to install around your pool yard. For any further questions, speak to one of our knowledgeable staff who can go more in depth with any answers you need.

Every town is different across the Sarasota region! Some towns require permits for wood fencing and some don't, but the burden isn't on you alone to find out. Give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you with finding out what you need and helping obtain all of the proper documentation, too.

Though you can certainly be present at your Florida property when our crew is working on your wood fence installation throughout the day, it is not necessary to stay during the whole process unless our staff specifically asked you to be there when scheduling the time. Our installers communicate with the estimators in the morning before heading to the job, so everything is discussed and ready to go as soon as our team arrives. Always be sure to talk to your H&Y Fence point of contact with any questions you may have.

We offer just about every wood application you can think of from stockade privacy fencing to stacked horizontal to shadowbox to picket and everything in between. When it comes to types of wood, check out our specialized cypress material which has a longer lifespan and does not break down as quickly as pressure treated pine will. Visit us at our in-person showroom or give us a call today to discuss your upcoming fence project.

Yes! We are a leading custom wood fencing contractor across the entire Sarasota, Florida area.

Our crews are experienced and specially trained in the latest techniques for building wood fences - ensuring your fence is installed properly, will look great, function properly, and will hold up to the harsh weather typical of Sarasota, Florida.

Your wood fence should be protected with a high-quality stain and sealer, but the decision is ultimately yours to make. Proper care and maintenance of your wood fence will absolutely extend the life of your fence for many years to come!

The harsh weather conditions in Sarasota, Florida can severely impact wood fences that are not properly cared for. Speak to one of our wood fence experts to learn more about the specific steps you can take for your particular situation.

Wood fences typically have no warranty on materials but do have a workmanship warranty.

However, there are certain options you can choose that do come with warranties, even on the materials! Speak with one of our fence experts to learn the specific details of the wood fence options that you are considering.

Whether you need a residential wood fence or a commercial-grade wood fence, it generally only takes a few days (maximum) for one of our fence experts to get to most areas of Sarasota, Florida - to walk your property and give you a detailed estimate of your entire wood fence project.

You can certainly call us to get even faster answers from our fence experts!

Once you approve the estimate, we can often install wood fences in most of Sarasota, Florida within 1 to 3 weeks, but please check with our office of your specific project. There are times throughout the year where that timeframe may be less, or it may be longer.

There are "other" things that can delay the start of a fencing project. If you select a specific type of wood, or post options or decorative options that need to be special ordered; that will often delay the installation of your fence. We will help you to identify, in advance, any of your choices that are known to be likely to cause these additional delays, and we will offer alternatives whenever possible.


Vinyl fences are a great choice for Florida properties across the Sarasota region due to their flexibility, durability and low-maintenance material that will not fade in the Florida sun or rot in Florida's humid weather. Every style and application of vinyl fencing can be adapted to the look and shape of your property as you desire.

Yes! Vinyl fencing is a great option for pool fencing in Florida. The material can stand up to the splashes of chemically-treated water and the constant moisture around the pool area. Vinyl pool fencing can be installed as privacy fencing or an open picket look, however, always be sure to check the pool codes in your area before settling on a design. Our team at H&Y Fence can help you verify the details and show you what options work best for your Sarasota area pool yard.

Permitting regulations vary in every town and municipality, so it depends! That being said, our team is happy to help you determine what you need before you begin your fence installation project and work with you to make sure all the proper procedures are in place.

The manufacturers of our vinyl fencing options are National Vinyl Products and SimTek Fence Products. Whichever brand you choose, you can be sure that your fence is made to last without warping or fading and is created with beautiful designs that enhance your property.

NVP Vinyl Fence offers an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty that is fully transferable, giving you peace of mind that your fence will withstand the test of time.

Simtek Vinyl Fence by CertainTeed offers a limited 25 year warranty. You can be rest assured that your new Simtek fence will be covered with their extensive warranty. In the event of any defects, they will even cover the cost of installation!

We also provide a workmanship warranty on all of our installations, as we take pride in our work and strive to please our customers on every job.


Every property with stairs and decks will most likely require railings of certain specifications. Each town and municipality may have slightly different regulations, so be sure to reach out to our staff at H&Y Fence and we can help you determine what's required based on your location and property details.

Each manufacturer has a warranty on their aluminum and vinyl railings installed in the Sarasota area. We also take pride in the work we do and offer lifetime workmanship warranties on all of our installations.

Be sure to check out the brochure of the manufacturer you're ordering from to read the details of each warranty agreement, or speak to our friendly staff for more info.

All of our railing manufacturers use quality aluminum or vinyl material for their railing fabrications. These are chosen because of the strength of both vinyl and aluminum and the low maintenance and longevity of the products themselves.

Yes, each manufacturer has their own available grade levels of aluminum and vinyl railings that work in a variety of Florida property situations. There are residential, commercial, and industrial levels of each type of railing depending on your needs and preferences.

Once your new railing is installed, there will never be a need to paint or worry about your railing rotting, due to the strong material our railings are constructed with.

The only thing you may need to do is wash it down with water or regular household cleaners once a year if dirt begins to build up. Otherwise, you can rest easy knowing that you have a quality, long lasting railing that will protect everyone who visits your home or business.

All of our aluminum railing manufacturers use material that stand up to harsh weather and are coated to prevent corrosion. Our aluminum railings are rust resistant and will not warp for the duration of their life either.

Our vinyl railings utilize a proprietary blend of the highest grade of raw materials to create railings that exceed industry durability testing standards.

Be sure to talk to our helpful staff for more information or questions about your railing project.