Homeownership can feel like a never-ending list of to-dos and the last thing you want is to add fence maintenance to your routine list of tasks. At H&Y Fence, we want to make maintaining your wood fence simple and hassle-free. Continue reading to learn some of our best Florida wood fence maintenance tricks to extend your fence’s lifespan and reduce your workload!

Inspect Your Florida Wood Fence Yearly for Damage or Repairs

One of the best ways to maintain your wood fence is to routinely assess your fence for damages. It’s a good idea to take a walk around your yard at least once a year. During your routine inspections thoroughly check your Florida wood fence for obvious damages including broken posts, deterioration, or rot, replacing any boards as necessary. 


Additionally, check for cracks or splits in the wood that may be caused by moisture. Cracks and splits in your wood fence can be repaired using a wood filler or wood glue to seal the damage and prevent any further deterioration. 


Checking the paint and hardware of your wood fence is also an important part of your routine inspection. If you notice any peeling or chipped paint, consider repainting the fence by removing loose paint chips and refinishing the surface. Should you notice loose or damaged hardware, tighten any screws and add lubrication to the hardware as needed. 


Choosing a top-rated fence company to install a wooden fence around your home can reduce the need for replacements and repairs in the future. Addressing any potential problems with your wood fence early will extend its lifespan, keeping your home or commercial property protected for years to come!   

Keep Your Florida Wood Fence Dry and Clear of Landscape and Debris

One of the best practices in wood fence maintenance is minimizing your fence’s exposure to moisture. Moisture can cause your wood fence to rot, increasing the number of repairs you may need to perform in the future. Take special care to inspect the areas where your wood fence meets the ground, as moisture from the ground may cause the bottom of the posts to rot more readily than other areas of the fence.


Another important tenant of wood fence maintenance is to leave plenty of space between your fence and any bushes or shrubs. Keeping leaves from accumulating around the fence is an easy way to prevent moisture build-up. Keeping a space between your fence and any plant life will ensure there is enough airflow, which will help lessen the chance of mold and mildew buildup. Finally, trim any low-lying tree limbs to ensure that they won’t fall and cause any damage. Preemptive measures to clean up the area around your fence will go a long way in avoiding potential damage. 

Cleaning Your Sarasota, Florida Wood Fence Can Refresh Its Appearance

Cleaning your wood fence is simple! Start by determining the source of the stain and then use the appropriate procedures and equipment to clean your fence in no time.


Before you begin, first identify what type of stain you are trying to remove. Some common stains include


  • Dirt and debris: Soil, mud, grass clippings, and other lawn waste can leave dirt and debris on your fence
  • Green algae: Green algae loves to grow in shady areas that don’t receive a ton of sunlight. Check behind any trees, plants, or shrubs for pesky moss and algae
  • Water stains: If your sprinkler water has a high iron or mineral content, and sprays near or onto your fence, it can leave unwelcome stains
  • Mold and mildew: The wet and humid conditions in Florida make wood fences prone to growing moss or mildew


If you’re noticing a minimal amount of built up grime or stains, a hose and gentle cleanser may be sufficient for refreshing your fence. Using a strong spray from a hose, open the wood grain by soaking the fence to rinse away loose dirt and debris. Apply the cleanser to your fence and use a wire brush to remove build-up and stubborn stains. Finally, rinse down your fence and admire your handiwork!


If you’re continuing to notice stuck-on stains after routine cleaning, a pressure washer may do the trick. Avoid damaging your wood fence by using less than 1500-2000 PSI with your pressure washer and using an angular tip to fan out the water spray. As one of the most experienced and top-rated fence companies in Florida, our best advice is to routinely clean your fence to avoid developing stubborn, stuck-on stains.  

Protect and Refresh your Fence with Stain or Paint

To keep your wood fence looking its best, you should consider repainting or restaining every two to three years. While painting a fence may be less expensive up-front, painted fences may require more maintenance in the long run. To protect your fence from UV rays and moisture, paint it with breathable, waterproof exterior paint followed by a water-repellent.

Staining can be initially more expensive, but over time stained wood fences may require less routine maintenance. Wood stains absorb into the wood and won’t chip or peel like paint. If you would like more tips or information about painting or staining your fence, reach out to our Florida fence company experts. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have! 

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