The right fence can turn a nice-looking house into a knockout but with so many options, how do you choose one? There are many things to consider and you’ll spend a lot of time looking at the different styles and materials but the cost can play a big role in your decision. With our Instant Quote Tool, you can determine which of your selections will fit into your budget within minutes!


Our Instant Quote Tool is Easy to Use!

As a reputable Sarasota fence company, we want to provide our customers with accurate estimates for their projects. We love the convenient, easy-to-use, Instant Quote Tool on our website that allows you to get a quote for a new fence with just a few clicks! It’s an intuitive tool that allows you to get an estimate for your fence while you’re at home relaxing on the couch! 


The first step is to get started with a design so you can get an idea of the amount of fencing you will need. Our Instant Quote Tool utilizes Google Maps to give you the ability to find your property and provides you with an aerial, birdseye view. The drawing tool allows you to easily design a fence right onto the map image of your property and you can also add gates during the design process. Just drag the fence perimeter lines onto the property image and it will draw your fence where you want it. 


Choose From Our High-Quality Fencing Options

Choosing the material and style of fence from our complete line of fencing products is the most fun part of the estimating process. You can choose the material, style, color, and height of your fence. And with our Instant Quote Tool, you can also compare the prices of different materials. For example, you may start with a vinyl fence if you decide you need more privacy and then switch your selection to an aluminum fence for its stunning aesthetic appeal. You will be able to choose from our complete line of fencing materials and styles so there’s no limit to your fence design.


With so many different benefits and features from every type of fence we install, you’ll want to choose the fence that meets your specific needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the fence types we install:

Aluminum Fence

As one of the most popular fence materials with our customers in the Sarasota, Florida area, aluminum fencing has an unrivaled look of elegance, adds security, and is low-maintenance. With an expert Sarasota fence company like H & Y Fence, you can customize your aluminum fence’s style, color, and height and it is a perfect choice for properties that are on uneven terrain. A lifetime manufacturer warranty means your purchase is protected. Take a look at Aluminum Fencing on our website for inspiration.


Vinyl Fence

For ultimate privacy, style, and longevity, vinyl fencing could be the right option for your Sarasota, Florida property. Certain styles of vinyl fencing provide the look of regular wood, without the worry of decay and routine repairs that wood fences require. Vinyl fencing is also very low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with household cleaners or sprayed with a hose. Our vinyl fences also come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. Check out our Vinyl Fences page to learn more about the details.


Chain Link Fence

For property owners in Sarasota, Florida, chain link fences are perfect for their affordability and practical features. Chain link fences are a fantastic budget-friendly, low-maintenance option and provide a strong barrier for your residential property. Chain link fences also work well for commercial properties and farms due to their durable, long-lasting galvanized material. You can also upgrade the look and feel of your chain link fence with a PVC coating that also further protects your fence. Explore Chain Link Fences to learn about all of your options and choices. 


Wood Fence

Wood fencing is a long-time favorite and will provide a natural look and a strong boundary to your home or business.  They are one of the best types of fences to customize as they are the most versatile in style, size, and design. Some of the styles of wood fencing are traditional picket, split rail, board on board, stockade, and shadowbox and each style comes with its own unique look and features. Easily painted or stained, a wood fence will need refreshing every couple of years to keep it protected and extend the life of your fence. You can explore Wood Fences to learn about all of the options and choices you can find at H & Y Fence.


If you need any help using our online Instant Quote Tool, we would be happy to walk you through the process over the phone and answer any questions you may have. We’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you! There’s a reason we are a top-rated Sarasota, Florida fence company – we put our customers first!


We’re Here to Help With the Details

After you have designed the perfect fence for your property with our Instant Quote tool, a summary page with your fence estimate will be sent to your email address along with contact information for our sales team and H & Y Fence. We’ll be in contact with you to arrange an in-person meeting so we can measure and walk through your property thoroughly, answer all of your questions, and provide professional advice on any unique or challenging obstacles on your property. We want to make sure you all of the final details of your fence requirements prior to your installation. 


Ready to Work With a Top-Rated Sarasota Fence Company?

The fence experts at H & Y Fence would love to have the opportunity to show you why we are a favorite, top-rated Sarasota fence company. We want to help you with your fencing needs and our friendly, knowledgeable fence professionals are ready to help answer any questions you may have. Call us at (941) 379-3444 or Contact Us online for prompt, courteous service!