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Any simple search on your phone or computer for a "Siesta Key Florida fence company" will bring up a list of fence companies who serve the area. Finding a list of companies is the easy part ... knowing which one is the right choice for you takes a little more time and information. H&Y Fence has served the Siesta Key Florida area for over 50 years, bringing quality fencing and friendly service to customer after customer. With award-winning service like ours, it's no surprise we could be the answer for you!

Check out H&Y Fence if you live in the Siesta Key Florida region or own a business nearby. Not only do we have the products and information you need as you work on your new fencing project, but we have the professionals who can get the job done perfectly! Whether you're looking for vinyl fence, aluminum fence, chain link or wood fences, we've got you covered.

For the last 50 years, we've been named the Best of the Best Fence Contractor in the nearby town of Sarasota, and we are proud to continue the same level of high quality workmanship for every customer. We love building fences! Let us show you how we can help you make the best decision for your home and property.

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How can we help you? Talk to one of our friendly fence experts to get your questions answered as you explore what you need for your Siesta Key Florida property.

Whether for Home or Business, We've Got Your Fence!

The Siesta Key Florida residential fence and commercial fence choices available from H&Y Fence are impressive! All types of fence materials, styles, colors and strengths can be used no matter what your need, and we're here to help you figure out which one fits your demands the best.

Siesta Key Florida residential fencing

Siesta Key FloridaResidential Fences

Our local reputation as a leading fence business in the Siesta Key area would not have been possible without a comprehensive variety of high-quality residential fencing choices. Residential fencing materials include wood fence, vinyl fence, chain link fence, and aluminum fence. We provide a lot of options of designs and colors, from classic to contemporary and everything in between. We offer residential fence choices that will work ideally for your Siesta Key Florida location, whether you want maximum protection, complete privacy, or a stunning compliment to your property.

Siesta Key Residential Fencing
Siesta Key Florida commercial fencing

Siesta Key FloridaCommercial Fences

H&Y Fence has established itself as one of the most dependable providers for business fencing in Siesta Key and Florida because we offer a comprehensive variety of commercial fence materials to meet every demand. Unlike residential fences, most commercial fences are designed to meet stricter security requirements and may be bought with a tougher grade of fence material. While many people picture chain link fencing when they think of a business' surrounding fence, different materials such as aluminum, vinyl, and even wood may be used.

Siesta Key Commercial Fencing

Popular Types of Fencing in Siesta Key Florida

Currently, the most popular fencing styles in Siesta Key Florida are aluminum fences, vinyl fences, chain-link fences, and wood fences.

Each of these may be purchased and installed by you if you prefer, or our professional installation crew can complete the installation for you. Regardless of your choice, you will get the same high-quality fencing materials to guarantee that your fence will function for many years to come!

aluminum fence Siesta Key Florida

Siesta Key Florida Aluminum Fence

Siesta Key Florida people prefer aluminum fencing above any other material. A fence of this quality looks beautiful, is long-lasting, and is covered by a lifetime warranty, allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning one.

Siesta Key Aluminum Fence
vinyl fence Siesta Key Florida

Siesta Key Florida Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is another excellent choice for residents of Siesta Key Florida who are searching for a fence that is both attractive and long-lasting, but also requires little upkeep. Vinyl fencing comes with a variety of choices and accessories that allow you to personalize it exactly to your perfect style.

Siesta Key Vinyl Fence
chain link fence Siesta Key Florida

Siesta Key Florida Chain Link Fence

In addition to the standard galvanized chain link fence, new PVC coated choices are more appealing and long-lasting! Chain link fences have long been a popular option for inhabitants of Florida for years due to its low cost and high level of durability, working in a long list of different settings both residential and commercial.

Siesta Key Chain Link Fence
wood fence Siesta Key Florida

Siesta Key Florida Wood Fence

A lovely wood fence is another fantastic alternative for Siesta Key Florida homeowners. Wooden fences not only provide privacy, but they also enhance the appearance of your home and property. The H&Y Fence's customizable wood fences are the best on the market!

Siesta Key Wood Fence
Siesta Key Florida privacy fencing

Privacy Fences

When privacy is what you need, check out our variety of options and styles that will fit into your fencing plan. Browse through our selection to find your match!

Siesta Key FloridaWood Privacy Fences

Siesta Key Florida residents' favorite features of vinyl privacy fencing are its low-maintenance needs, clean design and longevity without a hefty price tag. Vinyl fencing can be customized in height, style and color and will give your Siesta Key property a great boost in value, too.

Siesta Key Wood Privacy Fencing

Siesta Key FloridaVinyl Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences in Siesta Key Florida are another good option and come with the traditional styles we all know and love. Able to be installed in vertical and horizontal designs, wood privacy fencing has customization features that are hard to beat! Whatever type of wood privacy fencing you choose, it can be stained or painted in any color you desire, making it the perfect choice for your unique preferences.

Siesta Key Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Siesta Key Florida Property Owners Meet H&Y Fence

When You Need Reliable, Professional Fencing Services in Siesta Key Florida Look No Further Than Our Locally Owned and Operated Company Serving the Area for Over 50 Years.

H&Y Fence is known across the Siesta Key Florida area for offering the latest fencing designs and highest-quality products around. Our options are sure to improve your property value and aesthetic and bring you the security you are looking for in a fence.

Visit our showroom of American-Made modern fencing solutions or give us a call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable fence experts about your fence project plans. We love to help customers all across the Siesta Key region find the perfect fit with the fence of their dreams!

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Siesta Key Fence FAQs

Learn About H&Y Fence with all of our most frequently asked questions in Siesta Key Florida

H&Y Fence is your trusted Siesta Key fence contractor and has been serving customers in the area for over 50 years. For 11 years straight, we've been named The Best of Sarasota under the category of Sarasota Fence Contractors and Builders. With our extensive experience and professional staff, you can trust that H&Y Fence offers the best in modern fencing products and services to meet your home or business needs.

Yes! H&Y Fence is licensed and insured across every area we work in across Sarasota County, Manatee County and Charlotte County. You can be sure with our professional workmanship and expert staff we take pride in our work and take care to do every job under the safest and best guidelines possible.

We take pride in our work and all of our Siesta Key and the surrounding area installations have a 1 year workmanship warranty on every job we do. The vinyl, wood posts, chain link and aluminum have manufacturer warranties. You can find the details on each at the brochures under each different fence material page.

Permitting regulations vary in every town and municipality, so it depends! That being said, our team is happy to help you determine what you need in Siesta Key before you begin your fence installation project and work with you to make sure all the proper procedures are in place.

Easy! Just give us a call. We'll put you on the schedule and get you a full estimate for your Siesta Key fencing job as soon as possible.


While most fence materials can be used around pool areas, we recommend using vinyl, aluminum or chain link fence in Siesta Key. Wood fencing can certainly be used for pools around Siesta Key Florida, however, it may be more likely than other materials to rot or warp near all of the water and moisture a pool area will expose it to. Proper stain and sealant redone every couple of years can help to keep a wood fence lasting longer and can help when it is the type of fencing you would like to install around your pool yard. For any further questions, speak to one of our knowledgeable staff who can go more in depth with any answers you need.

We have many different styles of fencing available for your Siesta Key property. Too many to list in a short paragraph! Reach out today to learn about all your options.

Check out the brochures under each category in our Styles and Options section above for full details on color options, styles, features and warranty info.

The H&Y Fence office is located in Sarasota, Florida. We also serve Siesta Key and the neighboring counties listed here.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Siesta Key Florida

Here are a few examples of some of our recent fencing projects in Siesta Key Florida. We have many more! If there is a specific style fence you are looking for in Siesta Key, simply Contact Us and we'll send you plenty of awesome fence photos and details.

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